We are living a difficult and unprecedented times. The crisis is global.  The antiques and auction house market is totally turned upside down.


We are first of all thinking of our elders who have been hard hit by this health crisis, but also of our friends in the retail sector, particularly those working in the hotel and catering area, for whom this situation is a real economic drama.


But in spite of these troubled times, we are keen to see you again and to gradually return to a less confined life; so we eventually announce you the next sale at the Rops Auction House !


In view of this context, a few changes had to be made to our operating mode, which we explain below and which prevail the operating rules and conditions usually applicable:




The exhibition will take place from Tuesday May 19th to Saturday May 23rd, 2020 from 9 am to 7 pm.


In view of the large surface area of the sales room and the duration of the exhibitions extended over 5 days, we will be able to guarantee compliance with the minimal surface criterion of 10 m² per visitor, as well as the rules of social distancing imposed by the authorities.


We ask you to maintain at all times a distance of at least 1.5 metres from one another and to limit your visiting time to 30 minutes. We will ensure that these measures are applied and respected.


We also ask you to avoid touching and handling the exhibits.


Wearing a mask is mandatory and we ask you to wear gloves and disinfectant gel whenever possible.


We also provide gel holders.




Sales :


Lots from 1 to 2213.

The sale will be auctioned on Sunday May 24th and Monday May 25th from 10 am for lots 1 to 2213.


For security reasons, the auction will take place live, visible on the internet through the application , which allows you to bid LIVE as if you were present in the auction room.  You will find hereafter the direct link to access it:


                Sunday from 10 am : lots from 1 to 999


                Monday from 10 am : lots 1000 to 2213.


For these sales, there are therefore several ways to make a bid:


Bids via the website before Saturday 23rd  at 6 pm.

Bids via e-mail or by document submitted at the office before Saturday 23rd  at 6 pm.

Bids by phone: the reference of the lots for which you want to be called to bid by phone must be communicated beforehand by e-mail or through the completed form/document,.

LIVE Bidding on the Drouot website: which allows you to see the progress of the sale from your home and to participate in the LIVE auction.   Please note that you must register in advance on the site.  Do it now.

Physical auctions in the auction room. As far as possible, we ask you to privilege remote bids.  Nevertheless, those who still wish to be physically present must come wearing a mask, be present in the auction room only when the lot they are interested in is being auctioned and not stay more than 30 minutes in the auction room. The sale/auction area will be enlarged and the chairs spread out in order to respect the rules of social distancing.


Lots 2500 to 6896

These lots are visible during the exhibition but will be sold exclusively via the application


So there will be no physical auction in the hall for these lots ! is a new platform developed to deal with this new context, although it is part of our current and future development in order to always better serve you and make your life easier.


We also have a few small changes and surprises for you, that we will expose you in the coming months !


The sales are open from the beginning of the exhibition on May 19th  at 9 am and end on Wednesday May 27th  2020 at the hours listed below.


There are two ways to bid :


Automatic bidding: you enter your maximum bid and the system bids for you.


Manual bidding: You follow the bids of the lots you are interested in and you enter your bids at your convenience as you would do in the auction room.




Remarks and examples :


Ex: if you put a maximum bid of 2.000 € and the last bidder puts in 1.100 €, the system will put in 1.200 € for you.


If in the hours before the end of the auction, an amateur has put more than your maximum bid, you will see it and you will still be able to bid manually.


If a bid takes place less than five minutes before the end of the auction, an additional five minutes are added to allow you to outbid.


The fees are the same as for regular auctions : auction price 25%.


Auctions end at different times:



10h 2500 2734 Wines

2744 2772 Postcards and stamps

2773 2874 Carpets


12h 3500 3808 Ornaments/bibelots

3809 3954 Comics and Compact-discs


14h 3955 4954 Miscellaneous ornaments/bibelots


16h 4960 5394 Paintings


18h 6000 6896 Furniture, garden furniture and miscellaneous


The sales room team is at your disposal for any questions and help in using the new process put in place.


As a reminder, without prejudice to what is mentioned above, the general conditions of sale/auctions remain applicable, including in particular the deadlines for taking possession of the articles purchased during these sales.  These are included in this catalogue and can also be consulted on our website


We look forward to seeing you again.


The Rops team