My Wish list:

Your wish list allows you to save the batches you are interested in in a private area.

You can access it via the link at the top right, under your username.

To add or remove a lot from your wish list, click on the button   located in the thumbnail or detailed page of each lot.

The detailed page of each lot indicates, if applicable, the number of visitors who added this lot to their wish list.

Example: "In the wish list of 2 visitor(s)". This gives you an estimate of the number of potential bidders on this lot.

Once the sale has started, you can monitor your entire wish list and see the bids placed in real time. You can then place new bids by clicking on the button   Place Bid

How auctions work:

There are two ways to bid:

Automatic bidding: you enter your maximum bid and the system bids for you.

Manual bidding: You follow the bids of the lots you are interested in and you enter your bids each time as in the auction room.

The bidding steps are defined as follows:

5000€and more500€

Remarks and examples :

Ex: if you put a maximum bid of 2.000 € and the last bidder puts 1.100 €, the system will put 1.200 € for you.

If in the hours before the end of the auction, an amateur has bid more than your maximum bid, you can see it and you can still bid manually.

If an auction takes place less than five minutes before the end of the auction, an additional five minutes are added to allow you to outbid.

The fees are the same as for auctions: auction price plus 25%.

Withdrawal of bids is not permitted.


Payment can be made:

  • at the auction house in cash, or by electronic payment Bancontact / Visa / Mastercard.
  • By bank transfer to Iban account: BE60 2500 0729 2970 BIC: GEBABEBB

Reception / Delivery:

After payment, you can receive your lots directly at the auction room or request a delivery via Bpost or another carrier.

Please contact us for an estimate of the delivery costs.